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Transition Assistance

Transitioning out of the military involves several steps:

  • Pre-Separation Counseling
  • Transition GPS Workshop
  • VA Benefits Briefings I and II
  • Capstone

During these steps you will be developing a plan for your future. It could be starting a new career, going back to college or a technical school, starting your own business or sailing around the world. The transition process will help you make the right decisions for a successful future.

Become familiar with the DOD website, You will use this site to track your progress through all these steps.

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Step 1: Pre-Separation

Pre-Separation counseling is required of all military members who will be separating or retiring. It offers government and community resources to help you through the transition process. Los Angeles AFB holds a group pre-separation counseling session on the first and third Monday of each month. Plan to attend about 6-9 months prior to your separation. Call 310-653-5428 to schedule an appointment.

On homepage under Transition Services, click the “Login to DoD TAP” tab

  • Choose “Service Members and Veterans”
  • Click OK
  • Log in with CAC and establish an account so you can access this page at home

Once logged in you’ll see your dashboard. This tells you where you are in the transition process.

  • Click the “Initialize Pre-Separation Counseling” button
  • Check data for accuracy and fill in missing data for items 1-22. If anything is incorrect go to the ID section in building 272 to make corrections in DEERS.
  • Note on #16, Unit Name. Start typing the complete spelling of the unit name, i.e. 61 Communications Squadron or MEPS Los Angeles. For SMC units you may have to use Space-Missile Systems Center if you can’t locate your specific unit.

We’ll discuss the radio buttons in class.

After attending pre-separation, digitally sign the form at

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Step 2: Transition GPS (TGPS)

Transition GPS (Goals Plans Success) is a five day workshop that prepares service members transitioning to civilian life by building skills and assisting members to meet mandatory Career Readiness Standards (CRS).

Los Angeles AFB offers TGPS once a month. You must complete Pre-Separation Counseling before attending TGPS. This is a mandatory class. Call 310-653-5428 to register.

Please print these documents or save them on your laptop and bring them to class. These will be discussed on the first day of TGPS.

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Optional Materials:

You will receive a workbook from the Department of Labor at the workshop.

Step 3. VA Benefits Briefings I and II

On the last day of TGPS a briefer from the Veterans Administration will explain VA benefits, including insurance, burial, home loans and filing for disability. You will receive a workbook from the VA during this briefing.

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Step 4. Capstone

Capstone is a counseling session where you and a counselor review Career Readiness Standards (CRS) documents, most of which were prepared during the TGPS workshop. Capstone is conducted every Tuesday morning, with 30 minute appointments for each individual. Call 310-653-5428 to schedule a Capstone appointment. This step should be completed 120 days before your anticipated date of separation.

Career Readiness Standards and required documents are listed below:

  • Individual Transition Plan
  • 12 Month Post Service Budget Sep 2014
  • Gap Analysis 2014, including scores from the O*NET Interest Profiler at and documents requirements for necessary licenses or certifications
  • Proof of registration on
  • Continuum of Military Service Opportunity counseling
  • A resume, job application or job offer letter
  • Understanding of the DOL Gold Card
  • If you are planning to attend college or career technical training, bring
    • Completed assessment tool to identify aptitudes, interests, strengths or skills
    • A comparison of academic or training institution choices
    • A college/university/technical training application or acceptance letter
    • Confirmed one-on-one counseling with a school advisor
  • Plans for post-military transportation
  • Plans for post-military housing

After attending pre-separation, digitally sign the form at

Provide a name and email address for your Commander. He/She will be digitally signing the form in

Questions? Contact Airman & Family Readiness Center, (310) 653-5428.

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