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Los Angeles Air Force Base
Monday May 10, 2021 (2:15 pm PDT)
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Fort MacArthur Fitness & Sports

Fort MacArthur

New Normal Ops (NNO) Phase 2 – HPCON Bravo Protocols

In accordance with state, local and installation guidelines, due to room occupancy limits, an appointment is required to use this facility. Please read below.

Fitness Center Facility Access
  1. Access
    Fort MacArthur Fitness Center

      Access Restricted to:

    1. Military & 61 SFS personnel (5 am – 9 am)
    2. DoD civilians & Tierra Vista residents
Fitness Center Facility Protocols
  1. Appointments:
    1. Patrons should make an appointment in advance by visiting:
    2. Patrons may also call (310) 653-6771 (LAAFB) or (310) 653-8361 (Fort Mac) to secure an appointment.
    3. Patrons without an appointment may be denied access to the FC because of occupancy limits.
    4. Appointments will be for 50-minute work-out sessions.
      (Note: the FC is closed the last 10 minutes of every hour for equipment sanitation)
  2. Patron rules:
    1. Patrons shall not use the FC if they are sick (any illness), if they are experiencing
      COVID-19 symptoms, or if they have recently been exposed to COVID-19.
    2. Patrons shall check-in with the FC Front Desk.
    3. Patrons shall wear a mask at all times while indoors.
    4. Patrons shall wear a mask at all times while outdoors, except:
      1. Removal is authorized when engaged in cardio exercise on the outdoor
        equipment that is pre-positioned by the Fitness Center staff.
      2. Removal is authorized when engaged in Unit PT (see paragraph 6).
    5. Patrons shall sanitize equipment before and after each use.
    6. Where indicated, patrons shall exercise within marked work-out “boxes” only (observe floor markings).
    7. Patrons shall follow Fitness Center Staff instructions at all times.
  3. LAAFB Fitness Center Facility Protocols
    1. Occupancy. All rooms are limited to a maximum of ten (10) patrons at any given time.
    2. Work-out “Boxes”. Tape is used on the floor to mark work-out “boxes” around all equipment.
      1. One (1) patron is permitted within a work-out box at a time.
      2. Note: Two (2) patrons may occupy the same work-out box only when the second
        patron is required for safety purposes (i.e. “spotting”).
      3. Patrons may not “reserve” a work-out box by placing a towel or other personal item within. (i.e. – patrons must be actively working out within a single work-out box)
    3. Color Zones. Some cardio equipment is marked with a color (e.g. – a “blue” or “silver” label). Fitness Center Staff will indicate which “Color Zone” shall be used on a particular day. (Note: this ensures equal equipment use/rotation for maintenance purposes)
    4. All room doors to be open to facilitate maximum air flow. All exterior doors to be open, weather permitting.
    5. Bathrooms:
      1. Changing Rooms and lockers are open.
      2. Toilets and urinals are open.
      3. Sinks are open.
      4. Showers are open with limited capacity.
      5. Saunas are CLOSED.
    6. Water fountains are CLOSED, except for the “no-touch” bottle refill feature.
    7. Instructor-led programs and classes may resume. (follow installation safety protocols for “Unit PT” – see paragraph 6)
  4. Equipment sanitation:
    1. Patrons shall sanitize equipment before and after each use.
    2. FC staff shall sanitize equipment every hour.
    3. Equipment which is porous is not available for use (e.g. foam rollers, foam mats, etc.).
    4. Equipment check-out is CLOSED (e.g. no basketballs, racquets, etc)
  5. Unit PT. Authorized outdoors and while on the installation only. Call (310) 653-6771 to reserve the LAAFB to reserve the outdoor football field.
    1. Limit group size to no more than ten (10) individuals.
    2. Masks shall be worn when not exercising (i.e. before and after Unit PT).
    3. Strictly enforce physical distancing protocols before, during, and after Unit PT.
    4. While exercising: maintain at least 8-10 feet of physical separation between individuals at all times.
    5. Team sports and/or contact sports are NOT AUTHORIZED.
    6. Recommend individuals do not use shared equipment, or sanitize between uses.

Questions or concerns should be directed to the 61 FSS/CC, Lt Col John Francis, (310) 653-6101,

Make your reservation.