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COVID-19 Updates & Resources for Parents

Coronavirus Hotlines:

  • 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday.
  • For families: (213) 443-1300
  • Please feel free to call with any questions about the COVID-19 virus.

Educational Continuity FAQ’s

  1. How to talk to your children about Coronavirus?
  2. When will my school start again?
    • Please check your school district website for the most up to date information.
  3. What are the latest updates for my school district?
    • Visit your school district website for the latest updates on educational continuity, free lunches, etc.
  4. Where are the closest school to pick up a free breakfast and lunch:
  5. Where can I take the Advance Placement exam, and what will be cover on the exam?
    • For additional information go to Khan Academy ( )
    • 75% of the course instruction will be covered on the test.
  6. What happens if I paid for the SAT and ACT Testing, and it was cancelled?
    • You will be receiving a refund. For addition information you can contact the college board at:
    • SAT and ACT Practice test for Grades 10th and 11th grade can be found at:

School District Start Date
ABC USD Aug 24, 2020
El Segundo USD Aug 26, 2020
LAUSD Aug 18, 2020
Long Beach USD Sep 1, 2020
Manhattan USD Aug 26, 2020
Palos Verdes USD Aug 26, 2020
Redondo Beach USD Aug 19, 2020
Torrance USD Aug 26, 2020
Wiseburn USD Aug 26, 2020
For additional School District information please check the school Districts web site

FAMILY RESILIENCY: Your children receive compensatory time for services missed during the closure? Once school resumes, IEP teams will meet and may respond differently to the COVID-19 outbreak depending on their age. Below are some reactions according to age group and the best ways you can respond:

  • Age Group Reactions
    Preschool Fear of being alone, bad dreams, Speech difficulties Patience and tolerance
    Provide reassurance (verbal and physical)
    Loss of bladder/bowel control, constipation, bed-wetting Encourage expression through play, reenactment, story-telling
    Change in appetite Allow short-term Changes in sleep arrangements
    Increased temper tantrums, whining, or clinging behaviors Plan calming, comforting activities before bedtime
    Maintain regular Family routines
    Avoid media exposure
  • Age Group Reactions
    School Age
    (ages 6-12)
    Irritability, whining, aggressive behavior Patience, tolerance, and reassurance
    Clinging, nightmares, Sleep/appetite disturbance Play sessions and staying in touch with friends through telephone and Internet
    Physical symptoms (headaches, stomachaches Regular exercise and stretching
    Withdrawal from peers, loss of interest Engage in educational activities (workbooks, educational games)
    Competition for parents’ attention Participate in structured Household chores
    Forgetfulness about chores and new information learned at school Set gentle but firm limits

    Discuss the current outbreak and encourage questions. Include what is being done in the family and community

    Encourage expression through play and conversation

    Help family create ideas for enhancing health promotion behaviors and maintaining family routines

    Limit media exposure, talking about what they have seen/heard including at school

    Address any stigma or discrimination occurring and clarify misinformation

  • Age Group Reactions
    (ages 13-18)
    Physical symptoms (headaches, rashes, etc.) Patience, tolerance, and reassurance
    Sleep/appetite disturbance Encourage Continuation of routines
    Ignoring health promotion behaviors Participate in family routines, including chores, supporting younger siblings, and planning strategies to enhance health promotion behaviors
    Isolating from peers and loved ones Stay in touch with friends through telephone, Internet, video games
    Concerns about stigma and injustices Discuss and address stigma, prejudice and potential injustices occurring during outbreak
    Avoiding/cutting school Discuss and address stigma, prejudice and potential injustices occurring during outbreak

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